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yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

WaT handshake event

Who thought I was a WaT fan?

I never thought of myself as one. But I was jumping of joy when I read they were resuming their activities last year.

When the actual single was released, later followed by a concert, I was in my busiest time ever, working at least 75 hours every week. This though doesn't justify at all that I had completely forgotten about both important events! >.<

Thankfully, I did not forget about their BEST album release and handshake event.

And to my great delight, the handshake event included a mini live as well.
The first time I ever see WaT live, which made me regret even more that I had forgotten about the live last year.

Listening to WaT's music was always fun and refreshing. But actually listening to and watching them live beats any recording by a long shot. I was very surprised at this. And not only is the singing quality better, they emanate such an overwhelming aura, my eyes started crying on their own as soon as WaT hit the first notes.

Eiji did most of the talking, but their interaction was very cute and they told funny anecdotes. You could tell they were more than just a singing duo. Seeing them together like that made the break up even sadder.

After the mini live, everyone lined up again to get their handshake, while WaT videos and music were playing in the background.

It was my first time at such an event.

When you're about 10 steps from the entrance, realization hits and your heart starts beating fast. Just when you think you would like to savor the moment and bask in this wonderful feeling of tension, a staff person shoves you towards Teppei, whose actions feel like those of a conveyor belt worker. Just another piece to mount. He's smiling and is both kakkoii and kawaii, just as always. A second later, you can see in his eyes that he's realized there's a new person in front of him. But again, just when he's adjusted his lenses to see you, you're pushed over to Eiji, who beams at you and says, "arigatou gozaimasu," going through the same confusing process that Teppei has just experienced.

In a few seconds it all ends; the bright lights, the dazzling aura, the blinding smiles, the soft handshakes. And all you want is to preserve some after taste that could confirm it wasn't all a dream. But the last shove from the staff that tears your hand from Eiji's and pushes you into the dimly lit world erases all the feelings of excitement and surreality from your heart. All you're left with is confusion, and a sense of bitter loss at what to do and where to go. You're looking for that bright light that surrounded you a few moments ago, but can't find it.

The whole thing probably took 4~5 seconds.

Though I was happy for the opportunity, I can't help but feel it is also some kind of torture.

Next planned live: NEWS.
Applied for tickets, but don't know if I've hit jack pot or not.

...I want a Yamapi live T^T

100 titles in 2016!

New year, new post!

This is one post I never forget to post and update ^^;

2o15 was my record year with 119 finished titles. I'm not proud of the fact, though, that out of that 119, only 1 was a book, 2 were manga series, and 1 was a theater show.
My life style has changed; I go more to the movies, I go on more long-distance flights (so more movies to watch), and commute on jam-packed trains that make it impossible to read anything bigger than my cellphone (an old Galaxy S3 mini).

So I'll try to read more books this year! And I already have an interesting list (which I browsed through while waiting 1o hours in Doha airport for my connecting flight XD).

In the meantime, highlights of my 2o15 list:

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And so starts this year's list.
As usual, if you feel like recommending something (movie, drama, book) I'd appreciate it ^^ though I'll probably not find the time to look for it or remember to rent it ^^;
Titles I recommend are marked by a

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Current total: 159

My Drama List (including movies and anime)
My Books Shelf (anobii)

Livejournal feels so lonely

I'm the one to talk, yeah I know. I haven't polished my own journal for ages.
But it's so sad to go to my friends page and find
90% omona comm posts
8% arashi comm posts
2% private journal posts about people's tweets
(Side note, I don't like twitter. LJ rules!)

Japan &lt;3

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My future...
My girlfriend and I will nurture our love
Before long, I will propose to her
But it's no smooth sailing
And there's a trial
But we will overcome all that
And with our deepened bond we will build a happy fam...
"It's a fracture"
Maybe I should take out an insurance policy
yamapi -headphones

Status update


You probably guessed that I am fully back to work now, which heavily decreased the time I can dedicate to translations. I have an unusual kind of job. It's not 9-to-5, 5 days a week. I keep traveling, and sometimes (like the past couple of weeks) I have to work every single day, including weekends. And when I work weekends, I work longer than on weekdays! Something like 8:30 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. is not unusual ˆˆ;

However, after long days of hard work, I get a few days off next week, so hopefully I'll produce something and not just collapse on my bed XD

Sorry for this absence. And thank you for waiting ♥

[translation] Yamapi 0409 vol.100 (Seventeen 2013.07)

0409 vol.100

Yamashita Tomohisa
Footsteps of the heart

Thanks to kyara and watchful21.

This serial publication started in the summer of 2006. He talked to us about things that happened during his junior days, during his high school years. He sometimes talked to us about different topics, ranging from his warm thoughts towards his family and friends, to his philosophy of love. This is the final message from a Yamapi who is moving on without any fear of change.

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