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[subs] Last Friends


Banner & icon credits: marikitdoodles

Update 2008.07.20: FULL SP .ASS & .SRT posted, as well as POL font (just realized maybe people don't have the one I used ^_^;;)

note#1: I will soon post a batch of all subs, edited and improved.

Scanlations of LF manga-prologue- can be found here

Things you will be able to find here:

English softsubs

All subs are timed using the RAWs provided @DA
Original script: どらまのーと弐 (unless otherwise stated)
All translation, editing, typesetting & QC: suketeru
Checking for HQ timing synchronization: d0ci
A special thank you to SARS fansubs (especially amrayu & ironicwave) who got me into timing in the first place, and for their precious tips on the matter (^^)

I realized maybe not everyone has the font I used for POL in the .ASS subs. If you saw it as huge Arial, then you don't !!! Download here. It's a zip file. Just unzip, and drag the file you find inside to the directory "C:\Windows\Fonts".

Since many had problems downloading the subs last time, I'll be uploading them as .ZIP archives. Hope that works for everyone.
Don't forget to give your subs file the same name as your video (except for the extension, of course).
how to use softsubs
a few guidelines and info regarding my subs

Ep#TitleRatingother creditssoftsubs
01 誰にも言えない悩み DV、妊娠、禁断愛
The troubles we keep to ourselves:
DV, pregnancy, and forbidden love
13.9% Timing: suketeru MQ&HQ:
[.ASS] [.SRT]
02 命かげの秘密
A life-and-death secret
15.9% Timing: alecsa_chan
HQ editing: d0ci
HQ: [.ASS]
03 命を削る思い
Life-erasing feelings
15.6% Timed file: tianj;
Edited: suketeru
04 引き裂かれた絆
A bond torn apart
15.9% Timed file: tianj;
Edited: suketeru
05 衝撃の一夜
A shocking night
19.9% Timing:suketeru MQ&HQ:
06 命がけの逃避行
A life-risking elopement
17.2% Script:
Timed file:tianj;
07 残酷な現実
A harsh reality
16.0% Script:
Timed file:tianj;
08 最後の手紙
The Last Letter
18.8% Timing:suketeru [.ASS]
09 君の命
Your life
18.0% Timed file:tianj;
The last chapter.Love and Death
20.7%Timed file:tianj;
To the future
22.8%script: lastfriends.blog71
Special encore compilation (9-minute edit: 1 year after the last episode)
Special encore compilation
(FULL SP: highlights, un-aired scenes, and 1 year after the last episode)
17.4%Timing: alecsa_chan & suketeru [.ASS][.SRT]

table bg image base by phiyo @DA, edited by me.

thank you to spyefox, fujii_itsuki, zsuness, and nekochan23
Another thank you to 3peanuts for the help with one of the notes in 08.

note: in an earlier post I used the word competition. I just wanted to point out that I was joking (I did add *kidding* next to it). It seems I was misunderstood by some. Subbers (at least for this drama) are NOT in competition. Each one has his/her own circumstances and reasons for having early or late releases. Thank you for supporting everyone ne (^_^) fansubbers rule! XD

Downloads & tidbits

Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of Love [ MP3 (JPS) ][ lyrics & translation by suketeru ]
the red ribbon symbolizes the thread of fate that connects a person to his / her destined partner.
[ read more about the Chinese legend over @wikipedia ]
[ the legend (only Italian. update: Mari-san (from Mari's Bazaar) agreed to let me translate this to English (arigatou!), so look forward to it ne ^_^) ].
Ryo-kun / Sosuke / DV vs. public opinion (discussion post) in ryo_watch
Professional psychological insight on Sosuke's problem, Michiru's insecurities, and opening (spoilers up to episode 03)
Wake up to domestic violence! -professional insight into DV, written by Dr.Kunio Kitamura for the mainichi Daily News.

Episode 01:

Episode 02:
The movie the gang watches together is entitled Candy, starring Heath Ledger (info provided by zsuness).

Episode 03:
Southern All Stars - Itsohi no Ellie [ MP3 (JPS) ]

Translations: interviews, articles, lyrics

Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of Love [ lyrics & English translation by suketeru ]
Lemon 2008.04: interview with Last Friends cast [ English translation by pinkulemon ]
Ray 2008.06: interview with Nishikido Ryo [ English translation by suketeru ]
Nishikido Ryo interview on Last Friends website [ English translation by blue_eyedwolf
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